Dr Dat graduated from the University of Sydney with the degree, Bachelor of Dentistry with Honours.  He also a PhD degree, in Chemistry, from the University of Melbourne and the Bachelor of Science with Honours, from the Monash University.

Dr Dat is a Vietnamese Australian whom immigrated with his family to Australia, as refugees in the early 1980's.  His family were originally from the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, from the province of Bac Lieu 300km south of Saigon.  After the Vietnam War, many Vietnamese risk their lives and made the harrowing journey to Australia.   Like the many stories of this era, Dr Dat tells the story of how his family endured the journey in a leaky small fishing boat before arriving in a refugee camp in Malaysia. He remembers how lucky they were to have survived being forced to throw overboard their food and water to lighten their weight in order to stay afloat in a tropical storm, close encounters with pirates, a dead engine and a broken engine propeller.

Dr Dat recalls how they virtual arrived in Australia with hardly any possessions and money, but thirty year later through hard work he and his family have contributed appreciably to the community of Australia, through their chosen careers. His three sister each have the Degree Bachelor of Law from Monash University, Bachelor of Pharmacy from Monash University and Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Adelaide.

Prior to Dentistry Dr Dat undertook his Phd studies at The University of Melbourne.  His research looked into the discovery and synthesis of new classes drugs for use in the treatment antifungal, antibiotic and anthelmintics.  The research findings have been published in following science journals:

Robert Capon; Dat Vuong; Ernest Lacey; Jennifer H Gill, Journal of natural products 2005;68(2):179-82.

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Dat Vuong and Robert J. Capon, Journal of natural products, 2000, 63 (12), pp 1684–1685

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