White vs Silver Fillings

White or Silver Fillings?

Every restorative material has advantages and disadvantages. Many patients now request removal of their old amalgam fillings, on aesthetic or health grounds. An alternative to silver amalgam fillings include composite resins and ceramic (porcelain) restorations.

Porcelain is, in our opinion and experience, certainly superior in terms of aesthetics as the fillings look natural and mimics natural tooth material beautifully. Porcelain restorations also have higher strength and longevity than white resin fillings.

Closeup View of Dental Fillings Inside a Human Mouth

Composite resin

  • good mechanical properties
  • marginal seal
  • excellent aesthetics
  • no ability to prevent caries
  • potential biocompatibility issues
  • polymerisation shrinkage
  • wear

Glass Ionomer

  • good ability to prevent caries - fluoride release
  • fair aesthetics
  • slight potential for biocompatibility issues
  • adhesion to tooth structure and plaque-resistance
  • poor mechanical properties

Dental Amalgam

  • excellent mechanical properties
  • no ability to prevent caries
  • no aesthetics
  • no known biocompatibility issues

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