Root Canal Therapy

Why Would You Need a Root Canal Therapy?

To save a tooth that has been damaged by decay or injury we need root canal treatment. The alternative is to remove the tooth. Most people prefer to save their teeth rather than have gaps which can effect chewing and appearance, and even cause other teeth to tip and tilt from their normal position. Not every damaged tooth can be saved with root canal treatment so we will advise you if it is not likely to be successful.

Human Skeletal Highlighting a Tooth
A root canal treated tooth may last many years with good care. The root canal treated tooth is like the other teeth in your mouth as it can still decay and be subject to gum disease.

An infection in the root canal of a tooth can cause:

  • swelling with pus in the area around the tooth root.
  • swelling that may spread to other areas of the face or neck or head.
  • bone loss around the tip of the root of the tooth.
  • a drain hole (called a sinus) between the root of the infected tooth and outside the bone.
  • root canal treatment aims to get rid of the cause of the infection and associated pain and swelling.

Antibiotics may temporarily alleviate the pain or swelling but without treatment the infection continues.

Why is root canal treatment required?

  • Deep decay inside the tooth usually underneath large fillings
  • Severe toothache or abscess caused by infections of the internal pulp
  • Cracked tooth due to injury or trauma

Advantages of root canal therapy

  • Do not want tooth extraction
  • Chewing and grinding effectively
  • Protecting neighbouring teeth from excessive biting force

What we do

Treatment is geared towards cleaning the damaged pulp or debris from the root canal and sealing the root canal against bacteria (germs).

Once the root canal treatment is completed we may require monitoring the healing process with additional x-rays.


We may recommend you have the root canal treated tooth crowned to improve the strength and decrease the risk of the tooth fracturing.


We can give you an estimate of the costs of the root canal treatment as well as the costs for placement of a crown or restoration after treatment.
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