An Introduction

Illustration of Dental ImplantsTeeth replacement is an investment that can last for many years. In researching and choosing the appropriate modality of treatment, patients should assess whether a treatment of choice is suitable for their circumstance before making a final decision.

At North Road Dental Centre, we believe that 'one size fits all' approach does not work whether it is implants, dentures, crowns or bridges. It's crucial that our patient's particulars are well assessed to ensure the best possible treatment that is also cost effective.

We encourage prospective patients to ask questions, do further reading and research, and if necessary, seek second opinion from a qualified dentist to gain a thorough understanding before treatment is commenced. That is why we have created useful resources for our valued soon to be patients, simply press on the links below to learn more.

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We are here to assist you with making the right decision for all your dentistry requirements.

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