How many teeth are there in the adult human mouth?

How Many Teeth are There in the Adult Human Mouth?

Adult teeth replaces the primary teeth. They aid in digestion, speech and general appearance. There are 32 permanent teeth, however, some people may not develop all their adult teeth. It is not uncommon to have missing wisdom teeth, the second premolars and lateral incisors. Some people also have extra teeth, these are called supernumerary teeth.

Adult Teeth Chart

The anatomy of the tooth consists of the root (hidden in the gums) and crown (visible part of the tooth). The root of the tooth functions as an anchor for the tooth and allows for blood and nerve supply to enter the tooth to maintain its viability.

The crown is the surface that allows for food breakdown as opposing teeth are brought together when chewing.

The hard tissue covering the crown is called the enamel and the root is covered by cementum, both of which are a hardy mineral surface, however, cementum is softer compared to enamel.

The next layer under both enamel and cementum is dentine, the main bulk of the tooth. Dentine is considered a hard tissue, however, it is much more porous than enamel to allow nutrients to be transferred through the tooth layers.

The next layer under dentine is the pulp tissue that is housed in the pulp cavity. The pulp cavity has a rich blood supply and nerve supply, which is essential for maintaining tooth health.

The root of the tooth is embedded in bone, which is covered in tissue called gingivae. The root is held in place by strands of tissue that originated from the surrounding bone and embedded into cementum. These strands of tissue are called periodontal ligaments.

As we age, our bone structure may become fragile, that is why flossing and brushing your teeth regularly will improve its overall health. Here at North Road Dental Centre our dental therapists can assure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as they can be.
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