Experiencing Dental Emergencies?

Young Adult Female Pressing a Towel on Her Jaw

Patients often describe suffering from a toothache is one of the agonising experience they have ever had. In fact, we have had grown men cry from a toothache. Pain from a toothache can range from fleeting sensitivity, pain to hot, cold or sweets.

The throbbing or continuous pain can last several hours, or be worse at night. The onset can occur immediately to a stimulus or  spontaneous. Pain is elicited by hot and cold at first, but in later stages heat significantly increases the level of pain.

Localisation of pain may be difficult initially, but as the inflammation spreads to the deeper dental tissues putting pressure on the tooth may induce extreme pain. Left untreated the tooth infection can spread into the surrounding tissues creating facial swelling and in some cases can cause a potential medical emergency by closing the airways and causing breathing difficulties.

Often patients do not recognise the early symptoms (or that they hope the pain would "go away" on its own) until it is too late, then it is a mad rush to find an emergency dentist.  Although, we encourage patients to seek dental treatment as soon as the dental pain starts, we do recognise that sometimes it is not always possible.

Our friendly staff can cater for unexpected emergency dental visits at short notice. Our clinicians are skilled at handling all emergency situations such as toothache, chipped or broken teeth, infections, gum infections, denture repairs, impacted wisdom teeth and more.
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