We Are Striving To Keep The Costs Down

We are always conscious that the cost of dental treatment is always a obstacle for patient to getting regular care. We are constantly looking at ways to keep cost down for ours patient, either through our highly competitive fees or being first choice providers with Bupa, Medibank Private an HCF, or treatment under government schemes such Medicare*, Veteran Affairs** and the Victorian Dental Scheme*** or simply through exhaustively going all the treatment options available.

We Take Care Of You and Your Family

We are a family oriented dental clinic and one of longest-established dental clinics in the area. The clinic can be dated back to 1950's providing trusted care and advice to families from the local area as well as Country Victoria and Interstate patients.

Our Philosophy: Minimal Intervention Dentistry

We subscribe to the philosophy that unless a tooth absolutely requires treatment where possible it is best use more conservative treatment to avoid "traditional drill and fill dentistry", because once a drill touches a tooth, we have then put that tooth on its slippery path to being extracted.

Our Goal: Preventive Care To Avoid Painful & Costly Fixes

We put a strong emphasis on preventative care to minimise the risk that dental problem occurring as well as early interceptive treatment to fix any dental anomalies before they become major problem.







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